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41st National Assembly has started its 9th Session

The 9th session of the 41st National Assembly has started with declarations made by the parliamentary groups concerning their priorities for the upcoming session. The parliament has terminated the mandate of the chairwoman of the Financial Supervision Commission, who also has been in charge of its Investments Supervision Department, Ms Dimana Rankova. The termination comes after she had tendered her resignation back on April 20th, 2012.

Deputies have started the second reading of the draft bill on the Law for Forfeiture of Illegally Acquired Assets. It has been decided that unlawfully acquired assets will be transferred to the state.

This week’s agenda of the parliament includes also the first reading of two draft bills for amendments to the Penal Code, the ratification of the Agreement between Bulgaria and Nabucco Gas Pipeline International, GmbH and Nabucco Gas Pipeline Bulgaria, Ltd related to the construction of the pipeline system named Nabucco.

The agenda envisions second reading of the Carriage by Road Act, proposed by the Council of Ministers. The National Assembly will hear also the 2011 Report on the state of the defense and armed forces of Republic of Bulgaria and will go through the first reading of the bill amending the Commodity Exchanges and Wholesale Markets Act.


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