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National Assembly President Tsetska Tsacheva opened the exhibition titled: “Vasil Levski –Revolution and Freedom”, organized by the National Library on the occasion of the 175th Birthday of the Apostle

The President of the National Assembly Tsetska Tsacheva opened the exhibition titled: “Vasil Levski –Revolution and Freedom”, organized by the National Library “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” on the occasion of the 175th Birthday of the Apostle. The initiative is part of the national program of events to mark the 175th Birthday jubilee held under the patronage of the parliament’s chairwoman.

“Today we open the exhibition, which has special place in the list of events planned for commemorating the anniversary”, noted Tsetska Tsacheva. She underscored that the National Library is the institution keeping the spirit of the apostle due to its keen commitment to preserve all documents and written testimonies of Levski’s deeds. “I want to thank you for the way you keep these sacred objects of our spiritual treasure”, she stated.

“Vasil Levski gives us an unconditional reason to feel Europeans and links us to the values and ideals of modern Europe”, Tsetska Tsacheva emphasized. She recalled that less than a month ago, the parliament had opened its doors to the citizens and many Bulgarians had seen the three expositions dedicated to the life and work of Levski. “What impressed me the most was that the parliament was visited by 3000 people, mostly young families with their children”, she added.

At the exhibition’s inauguration Velichka Shopova, Member of the Parliament congratulated Daniela Petrova, Chairwoman of the Committee on Culture, Civil Society and Media. In the address she praised the organizers as people who emanate the spirit of the immortal and greatest Bulgarian, Vasil Levski, and as people who stand firmly behind the Bulgarian culture and national identity.

Professor Boriana Hristova noticed that for the first time in many years the National Library exhibits originals of documents presenting every stage of Levski’s life and contributions. “I am extremely proud that the National Library is owner of this exceptional archive showing now its most precious objects, as well as some books and newspapers, in which there are articles about Levski or writings of his own. According to her the exhibition presents all aspects of Levski’s personality – patriot, clergy man, revolutionary, author of some the most important documents of the future Bulgarian state,  a poet of his own autobiography, where he declares that he doesn’t want to be not only a Turkish but a slave at all.

The exposition was presented by Assistant professor Lubomir Georguiev. He explained that the latter concentrates on three main aspects – the theological notes of Deacon Levski, documents depicting the work of the General Assembly of the Central Bulgarian revolutionary committee and notes about the European revolutionaries from the epoch, who strived for freedom. The focal point of the exposition is placed on the original notebook of Vasil Levski, which contains personal notes and financial accounts from the last two years of his life.  

At the opening, the President of the Bulgarian National Library, Boriana Hristova, handed to the chair of the National Assembly Tsetska Tsacheva the honorary plaque of the library in recognition of her commitment and support for the initiatives to be held throughout 2012 in commemoration of the 175th anniversary since the Apostle’s birth.

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