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Parliament has approved the modernization of the current regular mountain and ski lifts

The parliament allowed the modernization and improvement of the existing mountain and ski lifts. It happened with the approval at second reading of the Forestry Act. The right of construction over forest lands, without first changing the purpose of the land use, has been approved for the existing lift stations and pillars, which are treated as “tolerable construction works” according to the Spatial Development Act. The amendments, voted by the deputies cover the thorough repair and reconstruction, the replacement and modernization of the above sites and provide for their exploitation for a period of 20 years. 

The state forestry enterprises will be able to contract for a period of up to 15 years the sale of standing trees at the amount of 10 % of their annual production. The deputies voted that the state forestry enterprises and their subsidiaries in the country would be able to produce timber from the forest lands, owned by the state and provided to them for management, previewed in their annual financial plans.

The parliament also introduced a fine between BGN 200 and 2000 for drunk or drug addicted hunters with an amendment to the Forestry Act that also amends the Hunting and Game Protection Act.

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