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Tenth Session of the 41 National Assembly has begun

The Tenth Session of the 41st National Assembly has started. The plenary sitting has been open by declarations read on behalf of the parliamentary groups, related to their priorities for the new season.

At the beginning of the sitting the parliament’s chair Mrs. Tsetska Tsacheva announced the change of chairmanship of some committees presided on a rotational principle. Thus the Committee for Control over the State Agency for National Security will be headed from now on by the leader of the Ataka party Volen Siderov. Boyko Velikov from the Coalition for Bulgaria PG will be the new chairman of the Anti-Corruption and Conflict of Interest Committee. The chairmanship of the Special Intelligence Means Use Control Subcommittee within the Legal Affairs Committee is entrusted to Dimitar Lazarov from the GERB parliamentary group.

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