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Enlargement of the parliamentary cooperation, trade and economic relations discussed between the Vice-President of the National Assembly Anastas Anastasov and the parliamentary delegation from Indonesia

The enlargement of the parliamentary cooperation and the trade and economic relations between Bulgaria and Indonesia were the key topics of discussion at the meeting between the National Assembly President Anastas Anastasov and the Indonesian parliamentary delegation. Delegation of members of the Friendship group with Bulgaria in the Indonesian parliament, led by its Chairman, Chairul Anwar, is on a 3- day visit to Bulgaria.

The vice-president of the National Assembly recalled that last year marked the 55th anniversary since the establishment of the diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and Indonesia.”We are obliged to develop these relations and your visit to Bulgaria gives an opportunity to deepen our mutual understanding and friendship”, Mr. Anastasov added. He stressed that the approach to the bilateral relations should be pragmatic, emphasizing trade, economy and investments as the fields of mutual interests.

The President of the friendship group Indonesia – Bulgaria, Mr. Chairul Anwar noticed that the visit of his delegation represents a good starting point for the further deepening and development of the bilateral relations. He underscored that Bulgaria and Indonesia have signed 19 agreements and expressed the wish of his country for a closer cooperation in the economy and defense fields. In 2010 just 207 Bulgarians have visited Indonesia, 310 in 2011. Mr. Chairul voiced his hope that in the future the number of Bulgarians visiting Indonesia will increase considerably.

The Indonesian parliamentarians had talks on 4th October 2012 with members of the Friendship group Bulgaria – Indonesia in the Bulgarian parliament. The invitation for the visit of the delegation was extended by its chairman Nikolay Pehlivanov. They also met with deputies from the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee and from the Economic Policy, Energy and Tourism Committee.

As part of the programme, the delegation has visited the city of Plovdiv where they held talks with the deputy mayor in charge of culture, education, tourism, European policies, innovation and development, Mr. Stefan Stoyanov. The Indonesian parliamentarians have visited the towns of Sopot and Kazanluk. In Sopot they met with the Executive Director of the Vazovski Mashinostroitelni Zavodi (VMZ) - Solely Owned Stock Company (EAD), eng. Ivan Stoenchev and the General Director of “Arsenal” 2000 – Joint Stock Company (AD), Nikolay Ibushev, in Kazanluk, as well as with the mayor of the municipality Galina Stoyanova. 

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