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Members of Parliament honor with a minute of silence the victims of floods. National Assembly President: let us be more united in the disaster

 Let’s be more united, called the Speaker of Parliament Mihail Mikov with respect to the situation in the country after the heavy floods. On his proposal the national representatives paid a minute of silence in honor of the victims of the disaster.

Mihail Mikov announced that if the National Assembly was forced to make extraordinary decisions, extraordinary sittings would be convened. In his opinion such need does not exist at the moment – the state institutions respond adequately, the fire squads, the police and the civil protection services are at their place.

The head of the National Assembly informed that he is in a constant communication with Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski, with Vice-premier Tsvetlin Yovchev, with the cabinet members currently in Varna and in the other flooded areas of Bulgaria.

The chair of parliament Mihail Mikov has sent through the mayor of Varna Ivan Portnih, condolatory letter to the families and relatives of the victims of the flooding in the city of Varna’s “Asparuhovo” district as well as sympathy to all citizens living in Varna.

Mihail Mikov expresses condolences and sympathy in connection with the heavy losses and assures that people affected by the disaster are not alone in these moments of hardships.

“I believe we share the understanding that most important at the moment are the concerted efforts of the state organs, the local authorities and the citizens for overcoming the consequences of the natural disaster and for preventing the occurrence of such tragedies again”, writes the head of parliament. He expresses hope that by joint efforts the effects of the natural disaster will be soon surmounted and the normal and calm rhythm of life in the city will be restored.

The President of the National Assembly has sent also, through the Mayor of the city of Dobrich, Detelina Nikolova, a letter of condolences to the families and relatives of the people affected by the floods in the municipality of Dobrich, as well as to all its citizens.

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