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National Assembly President Mihail Mikov opens photo exhibition dedicated to the 23rd anniversary of the Constitution

The President of the National Assembly Mihail Mikov has opened on 17 July 2014 an exhibition of photographer Velislav Nikolov titled “Constitution. Two decades.”

Mihail Mikov noticed that the exposition represents a wonderful kaleidoscope of everything that had happened at the squares and at the National Assembly during the past 23 years. It presents the role of the Constitution as a backbone of the democracy in Bulgaria, for the opening of Bulgaria to the world. The chair of the parliament has noted the exhibition included photos of world leaders who had visited Bulgaria like Gorge Bush, Vladimir Putin, Lech Valensa, Mihail Gorbachov.

Mihail Mikov further said the photographs reflect difficult moments in the recent history of the country, moments when democracy gets beyond the limits of representation, defined by the constitution, to get out to the streets of Bulgaria.  In his view the exhibition shows very well what is the meaning of democracy – the frame outlined by the constitution, the powers of the institutions, and the possible paths when the institutions are not able to exercise their functions. He praised the author of the photos for his fine sense in capturing the historic moments of our recent history. Besides emotion, the latter provoke a lot of thought on the issue of democracy in Bulgaria, Mihail Mikov added.
At the opening, the author Velislav Nikolov noted he was hopeful this promenade back in time would give us the strength and the sense of direction on our way in the future. He expressed gratitude for the opportunity given to him to present the exhibition at the National Assembly and his hope that the latter will provoke the interest of the lawmakers and the guests of the National Assembly.

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