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Review of the legislative and parliamentary control activity of the 42nd National Assembly

Legislative activity

The 42nd National Assembly has passed 138 acts, 266 resolutions and 3 addresses and declarations. This information has been prepared by the Legal affairs Directorate and the Press-center of the parliament.

The parliament has held 157 plenary meetings, including 21 extraordinary ones.

The 42nd National Assembly has received 328 bills, 138 tabled by the Council of Ministers, 190 by members of the parliament. The number  of the draft resolutions filed was 335, of which 307moved by lawmakers. The number of the submitted draft addresses and declarations was 13.

Parliamentary control activity

The 42nd National Assembly has processed 1314 questions and 246 enquiries. The parliamentary control sittings carried out on Friday’s number 25. The parliamentary oversight exercised in pursuance of Art. 102 of the Rules of Organization and Procedure of the National Assembly has been performed in the course of 9 plenary sittings.

The time to exercise the oversight function of the 42nd National Assembly took 126 hours and 27 minutes.

During the term of the 42nd National Assembly have been employed 4 forms of parliamentary control – questions and enquiries, no confidence vote, hearings and blitz-control. 6 hearings have taken place, 5 no confidence motions were rejected; disbursed were 22 hearings’ reports to the parliamentary commissions.

1222 questions and 182 enquiries have been answered. 51 questions and 20 enquiries have been withdrawn.

Representatives of the PG of PP GERB have forwarded 682 questions and 170 enquiries; the PG of Coalition for Bulgaria – 426 questions and 64 enquiries; the PG of MRF – 52 questions and 7 enquiries. PG of Ataka members have asked 151 questions and 7 enquiries, the independent MPs – 3 questions.

Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski has answered 15 questions and 5 enquiries. The Minister of Regional Development Desislava Terzieva ranks first in regard to the questions answered - 182, followed by the Vice-Premier and Interior Minister Tsvetlin Yovchev – 166, the Minister of Agriculture and Foods Dimitar Grekov  - 128; the Minister of Health Tanya Andreeva-Raynova – 122; the Minister of Education and Science Aneliya Klisarova – 113. The finance minister Petar Chobanov  has answered 87 questions and enquiries; the Minister of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications Danail Papazov 84; the Minister of Environment and Waters Iskra Mihaylova 79; the Minister of Economy and Energy Dragomir Stoynev 64; the Vice-Premier and Justice Minister Zinaida Zlatanova 61; the Minister of Labor and Social Policy Hassan Ademov 55. The ministers of Defense and Foreign Affairs - Angel Naydenov and Kristian Vigenin - both have addressed 52 questions and enquiries.

During the mandate of the 42nd National Assembly have been rejected 5 no confidence motions against the Council of Ministers headed by the Premier Plamen Oresharski for failures in the investment planning, the regional policy, the home security and social order, the energy and fiscal policy fields.

The 42nd National Assembly has held 6 hearings, two of which in the time of the caretaker government of prime minister Marin Raykov. The other 4 hearings of the Executive covered the topic of  overbuilding in the Nature Park “Strandzha” and the possible initiation of penal procedures against Bulgaria on the part of the European Commission, for violations of the European legislation in the field of ecology; the crisis in Syria; 2 were on the “South Stream” gas pipeline project.

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