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Tsetska Tsacheva elected Speaker of the National Assembly for second time

The lawmaker of the PP GERB parliamentary group Tsetska Tsacheva was elected as President  of the 43rd National Assembly. 219 MPs have supported her candidacy, 12 voted against and 1 abstained. She was the first woman in Bulgaria to become Speaker of the 41st National Assembly, taking over this post for a second time now.

Elected as Vice-Presidents of the parliament were Dimitar Glavchev, member of  PP GERB PG; Yanaki Stoilov, member of  the coalition BSP Leftist Bulgaria; Aliosman Imamov, member of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms PG; Ivan Kirilov Ivanov, member of  the Reformist Block coalition PG; Krasimir Karakachanov from the Patriotic Front coalition PG, Yavor Haitov, member of Bulgaria Without Censorship coalition PG; Yavor Notev , member of the Ataka Party PG, Rositsa Yanakieva, member of the ABV coalition.

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