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Lawmakers transfer activities of closed down Investment Planning Ministry to the Ministry of Regional Development

The transferring of functions of the closed down Ministry of Investment Planning to the Minister of Regional Development has happened with amendments passed at second reading to the Spatial Development Act. The amendments were due to comply with the new structure of the Council of Ministers, approved by the National Assembly on 7 November 2014. The bill was moved by MP Nikolay Nankov and a group of lawmakers from the PP GERB parliamentary group.

The work program of the Parliament this week envisages the consideration of a Draft resolution allowing preparations and negotiations for borrowing new state loans to begin. The National Assembly is to also consider the new draft Rules for Organization and Procedure of the 43rd legislature.

The weekly sitting dedicated to parliamentary control this week is suspended in order to give enough time to the lawmakers to pass the new Rules of Organization and Procedure of the 43rd National Assembly and to launch the work of the new parliamentary standing committees as of next week.

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