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Tsetska Tsacheva on occasion of March 3rd: On the Day of our Liberation we recall the time of the Revival of Bulgaria when the seeds towards freedom and independence have been sown

National Assembly president Tsetska Tsacheva and lawmakers took part in the official ceremony marking the National Holiday of the Republic of Bulgaria. They attended the ceremony on the National Flag hoisting and the laying of wreaths in front of the Unknown Soldier’s monument.

Speaking to media representatives on the occasion, Tsetska Tsacheva stressed that on that day Bulgarians bring to memory the times of the Bulgarian Revival, when the aspirations for freedom and independence were cradled. “We recall not only the sacrifice of those who perished in the ferocious battles held on our land but also of those who started erecting the modern state of New Bulgaria.” In her words 3rd March honors also the memory of the thousands of Bulgarians who dedicated their lives to the cultural and economic progress of the Fatherland, the memory about all the vicissitudes of the Third Bulgarian State in its 137 years of existence – a path full of difficulties and challenges. 

“On 3rd March we give ourselves an account of the journey gone by the state and by our society up to now. We could state firmly that nothing has been in vain. Bulgaria is a free, modern, democratic and European state. The present day gives us grounds to experiencing national pride and self-confidence as Europeans,” the chair of the National Assembly noted in her statement.

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