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Bulgare folklore ensemble perform traditional Christmas songs, dances and rituals for health in parliament 20/12/2017
Bulgare folklore ensemble performed Christmas carols, dances and rituals for health before MPs and journalists in parliament. The dancers and musicians visited the National Assembly at the invitation of Speaker of Parliament Tsveta Karayancheva.
Ensemble artistic director Hristo Dimitrov wished the MPs “the longevity of the Rhodopi mountains, the faith and persistence of Macedonia, the self-confidence and sense of humour of the Shopi, the entrepreneurship of the North Bulgarians, the diligence of Dobrudzha, and the material well-being of Thrace”.
Tsveta Karayancheva thanked the performers for recreating the authentic Bulgarian Christmas ritual and wished all participants health and good luck in the next year. The dancers performed a traditional men’s folklore dance around the National Assembly.
According to the tradition, the day of St Ignatius (20th December) marks the beginning of the preparation of the koledari (Christmas carolers), who learn traditional Christmas carols, organise themselves in groups and appoint their leaders.
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