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National Assembly President Gerdjikov has sent a letter to the Presidents of the European Parliaments
National Assembly President Prof. Ognian Gerdjikov has sent a letter to the Presidents of the Parliaments of European and other countries he had met before. The letter says:


Let me express once again my reasonable and deep concern in respect of the recent declaration of the General People’s Congress of Libya regarding the judicial proceeding against the Bulgarian medics. As is well known, in this document the General People’s Congress of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya demanded compensations for the families of the children infected with AIDS and the heaviest sentence for those responsible for the epidemic in the pediatric hospital in Benghazi.

I take this opportunity to thank You for Your support so far and to remind You that the Bulgarian State is taking active and consistent steps before the international community so that the problem with the legal proceeding against the Bulgarian medics is settled as soon as possible in a legally justified and humane manner. Bulgaria firmly believes that the Bulgarian medics sentenced to death are innocent – there is sufficient and undeniable evidence of that. Along with that, Bulgaria also makes considerable efforts towards having efficient support provided immediately to the affected Libyan children and their families, as well as towards arriving at a thorough solution to the particularly grave problem of the AIDS expansion in Africa.

Your Excellency,

Referring to the excellent and friendly relations between the parliaments of our two countries, let me extend an appeal to You to have these noble and humane causes, which the Republic of Bulgaria firmly defends, supported with the instruments of the international parliamentary cooperation.”
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