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Assen Agov – Letter to the Parliament of Slovenia
National Assembly Vice-President Mr. Assen Agov, who is also Chairman of the Parliamentary friendship group with Slovenia, has sent a letter to the Parliamentary friendship group with Bulgaria at the Slovenian Parliament.

The letter says:

“Dear Members of Parliament,

I am addressing you in my capacity of Chairman of the Parliamentary friendship group with Slovenia at the Bulgarian Parliament.
The issue I would like to bring to your attention concerns a large number of Bulgarian citizens travelling to countries of the European Union who are refused entry and sent back at the Slovenian border on grounds of endangering the public order in Slovenia and the European Union. Cases of unjustified and unfair attitude by the border officials towards Bulgarian citizens have been reported. I believe that it is not right to treat people as a presumable threat to public order, security and international relations of Slovenia and the European Union when no evidence thereof exists.
I would like to ask you, dear members of parliament, to convey my colleagues’ and my concern about this issue to the competent Slovenian authorities.
I hope that as MPs of a member state of the European Union, basic principles of which are democracy and observation of human rights, you will pay the necessary attention to that matter and you will help to its solution in the spirit of cooperation and friendship with Bulgaria, a country soon expecting to join the European family.”
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