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Statement by Prof. Ognian Gerdjikov before the Bulgarian media
Today Prof. Ognian Gerdjikov made a statement before representatives of the Bulgarian media in Parliament.

In it Gerdjikov expresses his great satisfaction with the strong public support he received in the last few days. “I would like to thank to the Bulgarian citizens, to my voters, to my colleagues at the National Assembly who supported me and who continue to support me,” he said.

In his words, the last couple of days were very difficult for the political life and this was the great trial for the European policy of Bulgaria.

It is of vital importance now for the National Assembly, according to him, to continue successfully its legislative activity – the basic function of the Parliament. He listed the forthcoming priority acts in the legislative agenda of the Bulgarian National Assembly – amendments to the Constitution, signing the treaty on Bulgaria's accession to the European Union, preparation for regular parliamentary elections afterwards.

“I am ready to work for the achievement of all these goals regardless of the position I would occupy,” Prof. Gerdjikov stated.

"Of the choice between personal comfort and responsibility, I choose the responsibility because the voters that I am addressing now, have voted me their confidence. According to my abilities I will work for in favour of Bulgaria's national interests,” he added.
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