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Registration of refuelling facilities of transport and construction companies is alleviated
Parliament alleviated the regime for the registration of refuelling facilities for carriers, concessionaires of natural resources, as well as construction sites related to important infrastructure projects in the country.

MPs adopted at a second reading an addendum to the Law on Administrative Regulation of Economic Activities Related to Oil and Petroleum Products. The draft law was submitted by Yulian Angelov (United Patriots) and a group of MPs.

Yulian Angelov commented that the purpose of these proposals is to help more than 1000 Bulgarian companies in the transport, construction and mining industry register the refuelling facilities of their equipment and cars, the so-called internal petrol stations. He pointed out that a large part of these facilities are located in areas outside regulation and as of 1 January they cannot be registered at the Ministry of Economy.

According to the current regulations, persons carrying out economic activities related to oil and petroleum products are registered at the Ministry of Economy and a document certifying that the facility meets the relevant conditions, issued by a competent authority in accordance with the Spatial Development Act, is attached to the application. The amendments now make it possible to attach to the application such a document or declaration by the applicant that the internal facility is permanently attached to the ground when it serves a first, second and third category construction or a site for the extraction of underground treasures and/or a site for the processing of underground treasures, or serves the activity of a carrier holding a licence to carry passengers or cargo on the territory of Bulgaria or the Community.

Pavel Savov was sworn in as a Member of Parliament by GERB to replace Valentin Nikolov.
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