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Plenary sitting
29/10/2014 - 31/10/2014
1. Draft resolution on setting up Temporary Legal Affairs Committee

2. Draft resolution on setting up Temporary Budget and Finance Committee

3. Hearing of the deputy prime minister in charge of economic policy, the minister of regional development, the minister of investment planning regarding the preparedness of the Ministry of Regional Development and the State Agency “Road Infrastructure” for the winter season and the measures planned for the coordination and the readiness to maintain and clean the roads of the republican road infrastructure in order to insure the traffic safety and for preventing difficulties for the Bulgarian travelers. The hearing of ministers is also to give light to the issue of lacking financial resources for preparations of the republican roads for the winter season

4. Hearing of the minister of health regarding problems in the implementation of the Immunization calendar, regulated with Ordinance N 15 of the Ministry of Health

5. Hearing of the caretaker deputy premier and minister of justice as well as of the interior minister about the measures undertaken by the Council of Ministers with respect to the growing migration pressure towards Bulgaria

6. Report of the Temporary Budget and Finance Committee on the Report of the Bulgarian National Bank regarding the problems and the measures undertaken with respect to Corporate Trade Bank and Victoria Bank – to be discussed first on Friday, 31.10. 2014

7. Question time pursuant to art. 89-101 of the Rules of Organisation and Procedure of the National Assembly
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